Asset tracking & inventory

Discover what is where quickly, correctly and easily

When employees have to manually keep track of critical equipment, they have to spend time, which reduces their efficiency. On top of that, it increases their tendency to hoard in order to avoid losing time looking for assets.

With the technology of automatic data identification (Auto-ID) you can register and inventory assets quickly and correctly. Whether you're dealing with furniture, IT equipment, spare parts, tools or files. In addition, IDasset allows you to perform a correction on the spot when anomalies are detected. 



  • Better view on location and status of your assets
  • Better management and proactive actions
  • Correct data available during audits and check-ups
  • No downtime thanks to timely maintenance and inspection
  • Optimum asset usage
  • Cost savings and gain of time


Mobile and connecting to your ERP

You may be using the asset management module of an ERP. Unfortunately, it is still necessary to collect data manually or through Excel lists. The mobile scanners that are part of our solution enter data directly into your database, so you have quick access to accurate information. And your employees can now focus on tasks with higher added value.


We offer you three technology options for asset tracking & management:

Using barcodes


  • Inventory and asset management made easy
  • Easily import or export data
  • All-in-one solution including labels, printer, mobile devices and software

Barcodes provide a high level of accuracy and visibility. Using handheld scanners and our IDasset software solution, you can manage and list assets generate an inventory and status update and report on the findings.

Using RFID

RFID labels or tags allow you to scan more efficiently as you don’t need a sight line. In combination with our IDAsset software solution, you can manage and list assets, generate an inventory and status update and report on the findings..

Real-time asset management

With real-time asset management, you have a real-time view on status and location of your assets. We offer these software platforms:

  • IDrtls (by PHI DATA) & ViZix (by our partner Mojix): these provide a replay function, heat maps and advanced statistics and analytical tools
  • MobileView (by our partner Extronics) to track, manage, alert, integrate and visualize