Solutions for Industry

Industry collageTo remain competitive, manufacturing companies - both in discrete manufacturing and in process industry - should work closely with suppliers and customers. Moreover, they need to know at every stage of the production process where everything and everyone is. PHI DATA's Auto-ID solutions not only offer the opportunity to follow production and distribution processes throughout the supply chain, they also reduce the margin of error, thereby saving costs. 

Production workers, forklift drivers and truck drivers can access or transmit real-time information to back-office and management while they work. This leads to time savings and therefore cost savings.









Read what our customers from the industry are saying about the added value of our solutions:



  UNILIN opts for intelligent Asset Management

     Bandag automates labelling at site in Lanklaar
     IDFresh prevents discussions or mistakes at Beauvoords Bakhuis
     IDfresh helps Mamma Lucia deliver efficiently and without errors

  Audi's trolleys just keep on rolling thanks to PHI DATA

       PHI DATA implements Pick-to-Voice at Volvo Cars Ghent
         SCA Hygiene Products chooses LabelEasy, an all-in-one labelling solution


  Continental opts for location and optimisation of the flow of semi-finished products through RTLS


  Fabricom signs up for Belgian first with largest RFID project