IDwms - Warehouse Management

Increase efficiency and reduce errors with real-time stock overview

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are an indispensable part of the supply chain – also in industry. If your inventory is constantly changing and moving, a WMS helps you keep an eye on what products are being delivered, moved, or used.

The basic principle of our warehouse management solution IDwms, is that each carrier (typically a pallet or a box) is assigned a unique number that is also used on  an identification label, in barcode or RFID format. Portable terminals, with a barcode or RFID scanner and Wi-Fi connection register all movements thus in real-time updating your database and stock.

IDwms offers many advantages:

  • Well-organized stock with an efficient and error-free location management
  • Less administrative work
  • More productivity
  • Real-time view of the stock
  • Effective replenishment