PHI DATA wins large contract at the European Union for implementation of asset management solutions

Published: 18 04 2017

Specialist in ID Automation PHI DATA from Wemmel (BE) has won a tender with four entities of the European Union: The General Secretariat of the Council, the Court of Justice of the European Union, The European Court of Auditors and the European University Institute to implement a new system for asset management.

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Mazda Motor Logistics Europe NV implements PHI DATA RFID solution for intelligent asset management

Published: 20 06 2016

Faster tracking and recording of 'returnable assets'

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Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are automating their inventory of works of art

Published: 31 05 2016

PHI DATA, which specializes in automatic identification and location solutions, is devising a comprehensive RFID solution for automated stock-taking of 3,500 works of art for the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Belgium. The hardware and software solutions used will also make it possible to trace all movements of the works of art and update the database containing the 3,500 items automatically.

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PHI DATA has reached its cruising speed - Three new recruits will support strategic changes

Published: 26 02 2015

PHI DATA, which specialises in the field of solutions for automatic identification, data capture and location, has added three new members to its team. This will enable PHI DATA to respond even more quickly to the various customer requirements in the specific applications fields where it offers integrated solutions.

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Media coverage || Actual Care June 2014: Barcodes prevent errors in medication

Published: 20 01 2015

Errors in medication can have far-ranging consequences.

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PHI DATA distributes Quuppa’s ‘Intelligent Locating Technology’

Published: 15 01 2015

Real-time location system identifies location of fast-moving objects on the shop floor with high accuracy

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PHI DATA and Essensium in partnership for the marketing of EPS, the high-accuracy RTLS

Published: 21 10 2014

Wemmel - PHI DATA nv and Essensium nv have teamed up in a formal partnership. The aim is that the specialist in automatic identification, data capture and location should implement high-accuracy EPS (Essensium Positioning System) in their RTLS solutions.

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Article in Food Industry focuses on latest developments in smarter labelling

Published: 22 09 2014

This article is available in Dutch only

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With the new service from PHI DATA no more worries about calibrating wireless temperature tags

Published: 26 08 2014

In Belgium, temperature tags used for condition monitoring have to be calibrated once a year. Because this is very time-consuming and requires large budgets, PHI DATA now has a practical solution: Calibration as a Service. Sint-Trudo Hospital and the pharmacy of the UZ Leuven are already using the new service.

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PHI DATA automates laundry process of inmates' clothing at Marche-en-Famenne for Sodexo

Published: 26 06 2014

PHI DATA automates laundry process of inmates' clothing at Marche-en-Famenne for Sodexo

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