Industry-leading barcode scanning solutions for every barcode scanning challenge

An effective barcode scanner system with efficient data collection and storage solutions allows you to improve read ranges, enhance system customization capabilities and drive higher accuracy with best-in-class barcode scanning technologies.

From robust encasings to disinfectant-ready housings, we can offer you a range of barcode scanner systems that are ideal for applications in environments such as warehousing industry and bedside hospital care. Contact our experts to design complete barcode solutions to meet your unique Automatic Data Capture challenges and needs.


|| Fixed mount scanners

Rely on fixed mount scanners for hands-free, fast data capture. They allow for added mobility and are ideal for retail, supply chain, diagnostics and many other applications. Instantly increase efficiency and competitiveness with quick, accurate barcode scanning devices.


|| General purpose scanners

For every industry, from healthcare and public services to logistics and manufacturing we can offer you the right scanning device, including handheld or hands-free laser scanners and digital imagers.


|| Rugged scanners

With durable rubber encasings, rugged scanners are perfect for applications in demanding field and warehouse operations. No matter how intense the work environment you can expect the same reliability and functionality with the resilience to withstand harsh conditions.


Contact PHI DATA for advice on the appropriate scanner for your application.


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