As a logistics service provider, you want to know where your assets are. And by assets, we mean material-handling equipment and all those other work tools and resources that are vital for performing your activities quickly. When your employees need to manually follow up where these assets are, it costs valuable time.

Our asset management solution makes it possible to quickly and correctly register, create an inventory of and manage these assets. With help from our Auto-ID solutions (barcodes or RFID) and mobile scanners, you quickly enter data into your system, giving you access to the latest state of affairs. You’ll have a better overview of the locations and statuses of your assets. This efficient asset management solution even shows when assets are due for maintenance and servicing, reducing downtime.

You may also choose to manage your assets in real time. This guarantees you an even more accurate overview of your work tools and resources, allowing you to work more quickly and with even greater focus on results.

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