Keep an eye
on your assets

Efficient asset management allows you to create an inventory of your most essential work tools—everything from medical devices to wheelchairs and beds—and manage them. Both barcodes and passive or active (Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa) RFID tags offer solutions. With special labels and tags, even your most difficult-to-label equipment is identified in a sustainable manner.

Using a real-time asset management solution, you can check whether equipment and material is available at a certain location. As staff members know which assets are present at which sites, they waste less time and increase their efficiency. We even provide real-time follow-up of the status and location of your assets. That makes it possible to further optimise your approach to using and purchasing tools and resources.

The most widely used real-time solution today is Stanley Healthcare‘s MobileView platform (AeroScout) – more than 50 hospitals in Belgium are already using it. We offer integrations with Ultimo and Carl Software.

Our IDasset® solution can be used to register and inventory your assets. This inventory solution initially registers all your assets (consumables / assets) for quick and correct follow-up at a later stage. You use can barcodes or opt for RFID for an even faster inventory.

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Wim Verduyn, Business Development Manager

When it comes to the health sector, Wim is your best discussion partner. He knows the workings of a healthcare institution through and through and can quickly put his finger on possible areas for improvement on your work floor. Contact Wim via for patient safety, personnel safety, asset management, tracking & tracing, etc.