Make patient security
your central focus

Caring for patients is an enormous responsibility. It is crucial that you identify your patients quickly, accurately and easily at any moment in their treatment. Automatic identification systems help to exclude the possibility of human error by staff members.

Identification labels and wrist bands, fitted with a barcode or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), are ideal for healthcare. They drastically reduce the likelihood of errors when administering medication, blood transfusions and surgical interventions. Furthermore, they reduce paperwork and increase the productivity of your employees; they need to perform fewer manual checks.

As well as this, we offer solutions for wander detection and prevention. For this, we give every resident a small sender (RFID tag) and monitor exits using door controllers. If a resident tries to leave, an alarm sounds. We are then able to provide your staff members with the name and a photo of the resident to dramatically assist in the search.


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Wim Verduyn, Business Development Manager

When it comes to the health sector, Wim is your best discussion partner. He knows the workings of a healthcare institution through and through and can quickly put his finger on possible areas for improvement on your work floor. Contact Wim via for patient safety, personnel safety, asset management, tracking & tracing, etc.