IDvoice  - Voice-enabled Order Picking

Voice Picking for efficient execution of order picking

Voice-enabled solutions are widely used in logistics, mainly for order picking, but they can also be used in goods receiving, put-away, cross-docking and inventory. Using speech recognition and speech synthesis, voice technology enables workers to communicate with a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Equipped with a wireless, wearable computer (i.e. a voice terminal) combined with a headset and microphone, operators receive instructions by voice and verbally confirm their actions and data back to the system. The voice terminal communicates directly with the WMS through the wireless network. At the moment, for example, compact vests are also available that integrate all hardware for even greater convenience, or you can even use smart glasses.

The IDvoice solution by PHI DATA® is based on the technology of the German company topSystem, a market leader in Europe in the area of voice picking systems. Voice Picking


|| Benefits

  • Accuracy improvements: when moving from a paper-based system to voice picking, picking errors are easily reduced by 80 to 90%
  • Productivity gains: not only does the hands-free and eyes-free operation speed up the picking, paperless picking removes the need for printing and distributing documents from the process. Also, training new operators for voice-enabled picking requires minimal time, thus increasing productivity of the picking operation.
  • Cost savings: there is of course the elimination of the cost of the paper, but apart from that, the real-time data flow optimizes stock recording and replenishment, generating more cost-effective warehouse management. The bigger effects are coming from the accuracy improvements and productivity gains resulting in a typical ROI of max. 1 year (for operations with 1 picking shift) and a better end customer experience.

PHI DATA® has the right solution for all your voice-enabled applications. Our own IDvoice package can  provide what you need. We also work with the leading suppliers of voice-enabled solutions and we’ll integrate them seamlessly with your ERP or WMS. 


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