The added value of
automatic labelling

In most production environments, it’s essential to be able to work quickly. The use of automatically printed identification labels is therefore a necessity. We implement automatic Print & Apply systems that run in perfect synchronicity with your production stream. As they are fully automatic and highly accurate, you make considerable savings in time and money.

Specific applicator modules efficiently apply the labels, whether rolling, blowing or printing them along all sides of the products or packaging. This is all controlled by labelling software that is tuned to the meet regulations in effect in your specific sector.


Talk to an expert

Rudi Lambrechts, Senior Account Manager Printing and Labelling Solutions

“Everything starts with a label”, we often say. But the combination with the right printer and a system to apply the labels automatically can save you a lot of time and money. With years of experience in these – often very complex – applications, Rudi is the right partner for you. Contact him at for advice on Print & Apply.