Get a hold on
your work in progress

Supplying the right transport equipment, at the right time, to possibly hundreds of workplace: it’s a great challenge for today’s process industry. It’s made even more difficult when you need to manage thousands of carriers based on the priority of client orders and the FIFO principle.

We can help. By fitting all your WIP carriers (Work in Progress) with RFID tags, you’ll have access to real-time data that allows you to supply raw materials and parts to all workplaces on time. With an efficient workflow management solution, you avoid not only downtime, but also incorrect product combinations. Furthermore, you increase product turnover and productivity. As it’s possible to work lean, you also reduce the stock on the line.


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Dave Engel, Business Development Manager

Dave is a specialist in the field of RFID, RTLS, scanning and IOT and their applications for tracking & tracing of goods and people in industry and the logistics sector. With great drive he offers an answer to the problems you face on a daily basis. Contact Dave via