Calibration & certification

A good quality system requires reliable tests and measurements with sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. In most cases there is a legal obligation.

Increasinlgy, companies are facing pain points during audits for receiving JCI or other accreditation and they can't always present the necessary reports or certificates. Now, you can leave the execution of required tests and measurements including the necessary certificates up to PHI DATA®.

Calibration as a Service

Thanks to our concept “Calibration as a Service” you no longer have to worry. PHI DATA® takes care of all aspects of the calibration for which you pay a fixed price per tag and per year. The calibration of the tag is done each time at 3 different reference points by an accredited lab. When necessary, the measurement tools are adjusted in order to comply with the demands of the ISO 15189, ISO 17025, GMP en GDP standards and the Royal Decree of 28 September 2009.

Why an ISO 17025 accredited calibration? 

The ISO 17025 is a standard developed for laboratories that have to comply with strict regulations. This international standard defines what the management and technical requirments are for carrying out calibrations and/or tests by calibration laboratories. The certificate is is handed over annualy, togeter with the calibrated tag as proof and for use during possible audits.

This new concept offers a number of advantages:

  • No investment in time or cost for recalibrating of your sensors by your staff or an outside party
  • No frustration during audits
  • No reports needed as proof of calibration/certification
  • No more certificates with past due dates
  • No investment in newly certified sensors
  • No sensor overstock
  • No more manual offset in the software   
  • No loss of time checking and/or replacing batteries on time