IDsecurescan: reliable and simple on-line control with standard scanners

Standard scanners' (wired or wireless) sole function is to decode barcodes and to subsequently transmit these to the central system. Although these scanners are very efficient and guarantee a correct data capture, they don't allow verification of the content of the barcodes. Does the user have the right product? Is he scanning the right patient? bedside scanning

The Datalogic scanners have an extra functionality, 2way comm, that sends instructions to the device from a PC. Based on this, PHI DATA® has developed a software solution: IDsecurescan, that verifies data input on line.

How to work with IDsecurescan?

  1. Scan the “mother barcode” (e.g. delivery bill, patient, receipt number, etc.)
  2. Scan the “daughter barcodes” (e.g. pallet numbers, packages, medication, etc.) that are assigned to the mother barcode
  3. Possible entry of quantity (through scanning a barcode with quantity of entry through scanner keyboard if available)

What does IDsecurescan do?

In the above process a number of checks take place:

  • After each scan of a mother barcode, there is a check to see whether the code exists. If OK, the scan generates a positive beep and the green LED lights up. If incorrect a negative beep sounds and a red LED lights up.
  • After each scan of a daughter barcode the compatibility with the previously read mother barcode is checked.  If OK, the scan generates a positive beep and the LED lights up green. If incorrect, a negative beep and red LED.

Result:  less mistakes, faster operation and a cost-effective investment with IDsecurescan


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