Wander detection and prevention for better patient safety

Increase patient safety, improve staff productivity and lower costs

It can be an immense task to keep an eye on patients suffering from dementia, confusion or who are recovering of severe brain damage in order to prevent them from wandering and endangering themselves.

But caregivers also want to keep wandering residents safe without compromising their independence, dignity and autonomy. Our wander detection and prevention solution does exactly that.

Each resident wears a small radio transmitter (tag) and exits are protected by door controllers. When a resident approaches an exit, the door controller locks the door to prevent the resident from leaving.

If the door is opened, an alarm sounds. The door controllers are monitored by a server running on the MobileView platform (developed by Stanley Healthcare). This application provides information in a clear and intuitive visual way. It includes a list of all residents and one or more floor plans of the facility.

In case of an alarm, a warning immediately appears showing the resident’s name, the location of the alarm and even a picture.

Escorting a resident through a protected exit is still possible, either with the software or at the door via a keypad.