Staff safety

Increase staff safety and well-being

Physical violence or verbal aggression can be the cause of staff inefficiency and absenteeism. In addition, it is impossible for healthcare employees to do their job well, when they are in constant fear of potential risk situations, and have no access to rapid assistance.Staff safety

As an employer, you want to ensure that your staff feel as safe as possible, so that they can perform their work effectively and confidently.

Equipping staff with an electronic badge (RFID tag), which communicates with the Wi-Fi network, is a simple solution. When a staff member feels threatened, with one press of the button he/she can sound an alarm, immediately allowing colleagues to know exactly where they are, and to intervene. It does thus not eliminate aggression but limits its escalation. At the same time it can provide a greater sense of security for the staff.

The MobileView platform (developed by Stanley Healthcare) provides you with accurate data enabling you to analyse threat frequency and location, helping you proactively prevent and control risk.