Wireless Condition Monitoring

Wireless Condition Monitoring is the measuring, controlling and management of temperature, humidity or the level of CO2 in your warehouses, cold stores, during transportation etc. PHI DATA® offers the solutions for wireless Condition Monitoring in which optimization and automation are key factors and that give you access to:

Condition monitoring

  • Automatic registration and control
  • Automatic warning when exceeding a threshold values
  • Various reports and statistics,
  • Increased safety & quality assurance through reliable data

|| Benefits

  • The prevention of wasted temperature-sensitive products
  • Collecting measurements including reports and statistics without manual handling
  • Guaranteeing safety and quality assurance
  • Saving time and costs

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|| Partners

As integrator and solution provider PHI DATA® works with the leading suppliers for its wireless Condition Monitoring solutions in order to develop the best solution for you. PHI DATA® discusses with you your goals, analyses your processes and consequently will advise you on the best system for your application. Also future goals and/or applicaitons can paly a role in the choice of system.


|| Technology

For its wireless Condition Monitoring solutions, PHI DATA® uses primarily Wi-Fi-based active RFID-tags. The active RFID-tags have a battery and transmit their unique ID at intervals. The communication takes place via the Wi-Fi network according to the international standard IEEE 802.11. By using the Wi-Fi network a real-time exchange of data can take place indoors, checking the status at regular points in time and corrective actions can be taken quickly in case of an anomaly. During transportation GPRS is used allowing also for outdoors real-time status monitoring.


Condition Monitoring in food storage|| Applications

Condition monitoring has become an important concept for every market sector. Many sectors are even subject to legal requirements which require organizations to spend a lot of time and effort in order to comply. 


manufacturing, distribution, transport & logistics, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical & chemical industry, etc.


manufacturing, warehouses, cold storage units, laboratories, individual hospital and hotel rooms, classrooms, kitchens, cafeteria, data centres, shops, morgues, wine cellars, museums, during transportation etc.

Temperature and humidity a.o.:

  • In hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies for monitoring refrigerators, incubators and freezers where medicines, vaccines, blood bags, nutrition or other temperature-sensitive products are stored or treated
  • In warehouses, counters, meal carts where food, sandwiches, hot meals or other temperature-sensitive product are stored, handled or transported
  • In manufacturing envionments where temperature- and/or humidity-sensitive products are processed
  • During transportation of all goods that have to be transported under certain conditions
  • In data centres and server rooms for monitoring and protecting the equipment against excessive heat or humidity
  • At printing houses to monitor the humidity levels while storing paper or cardboard
  • In wine cellars for monitoring temperature while storing wine
  • In snackbars, cafeterias etc. for monitoring counters where food is displayed


  • Continuous monitoring of air quality in indoor areas
  • For monitoring heating, ventilation, airco, cooling (HVAC) in office buildings, schools, hospitals, laboratories etc.
  • For monitoring incubators, greenhouses, shipping containers etc.


|| Calibration & certification

A good quality system requires reliable tests and measurements with sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. In most cases there is a legal obligation.

Increasinlgy, companies are facing pain points during audits for receiving JCI, NIAZ or other accreditation and they can't always present the necessary reports or certificates. Now, you can leave the execution of required tests and measurements including the necessary certificates up to PHI DATA®. For more details on our Calibration as a Service formule, please click here.


|| Support

Apart from standard manufacturers support for all updates and upgrades, PHI DATA® offers you the necessary support in Belgium:

  • By certified engineers
  • Via telephone, remote access, on-site
  • Fast and efficient treatment through our customer portal


Our project managers and software developers have the necessary knowledge and experience to determine your needs and to deliver the most appropriate solution for you, including custom development. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs.


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