Collision warning for staff safety

Improve staff safety, increase equipment service life and lower operational costs

Every warehouse or distribution centre manager knows the pressure of ensuring a safe working environment for staff. Apart from the legal and moral responsibility, there are the financial consequences for the employees and the company should an accident occur.

IDrtls  developed by PHI DATA® - now offers you the vehicle positioning technology developed by Essensium for effectively preventing accidents with forklifts. The technology not only protects pedestrians, but also your vehicles and infrastructure.

How does it work?

IDrtls (RTLS = Real Time Location System) uses a network of sensors (nodes) to determine the position of vehicles and pedestrians in the building via the Wi-Fi network. Distances between different points are calculated accurately. The nodes are placed on walls, racks, forklifts etc. Pedestrians wear a tag on their mandatory safety vest, which also tracks their position. The positioning system uses all data to ensure no collisions take place between forklifts, with infrastructure or pedestrians.


  • Position detection of forklifts and staff
  • Alarm for vehicle operator
  • Increased safety
  • Time and money savings
  • Increased productivity