Compliance Labelling


Every industry has to deal with more and more regulations and standards. Thanks to the right software and tools for labelling, it is easier to comply with the regulations.

Compliance labels have one thing in common: failure to comply with the published requirements means high fines, seizure of goods and loss for the company.

PHI DATA® can help you to create the right labels with the correct formatting, icons and text fields thanks to the right software Bartender or NiceLabel and the help of our specialists in this area.

You can contact us for labels that meet:

  • GS1 standards for identifying, recording and sharing information about products, business locations and more.
  • GHS regulations: the globally harmonized system for classification and labeling of chemicals or GHS is an internationally agreed system, created by the United Nations.
  • Odette standards for the automotive industry: Odette is a pan-European collaboration and service platform that works for the entire automotive network.


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