LabelEasy, Managed Labelling Solution at a fixed price per label

Without a labelling system it is nearly impossible to quickly and accurately identify and track items with a barcode or RFID in the supply chain. Fortunately, the systems for printing labels are becoming faster, more efficient and more flexible. Also their quality and reliability are continuously improving.

Today, the majority of the labelling process can be simplified, allowing you to focus on your core tasks. All you need to do is put the rolls of blank labels into the printer. Our answer to the challenge: LabelEasy.

LabelEasy is an all-in-one solution. You pay a competitive fixed price per label while we provide you with a fixed delivery schedule for labels and accessories in addition to all-inclusive maintenance. This also means that no up-front investment is required.


Your advantages:

  • 1 contract
  • 1 solution
  • 1 fixed price per label
  • No up-front investment


If you als want to use an applicator to automatically place labels on products or packaging, we can offer you a Print & Apply solution that can be integrated with LabelEasy. 


Watch the video below:





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