AutoCube 8200 - 3D depth-sensing technology for automatic dimensioning

At less than half the cost of other dimensioning solutions and with a compact, easy-to-use design, Honeywell AutoCube 8200 brings automatic, accurate dimensioning technology within reach of any business who ships packages.


Connect Your Business to Rapid Return on InvestmentHoneywell AutoCube 8200

The AutoCube™ 8200 Fixed Dimensioning Solution uses advanced 3D depth-sensing technology to measure the dimensions of an object instantly and with extreme precision. This enables parcel companies and distribution centers to grow revenue, realize faster shipping cycle times, and optimize workflows and storage space. At less than half the cost of competitive dimensioning solutions and available through an affordable subscription pricing model, AutoCube enables a rapid return on investment for your business.




Accurately bill customers - Instant and precise measurements are quickly transmitted to shipping applications to optimize storage space and vehicle loads and accurately bill customers.


Increase productivity - AutoCube 8200 eliminates manual measurements of packages – enabling cost savings and productivity gains, while reducing errors.


Enhance customer satisfaction - AutoCube 8200 instantly and accurately captures the dimensions of any package, allowing you to keep your lines moving, with satisfied customers.


Optimize vehicle space - By automatically measuring package dimensions, AutoCube 8200 gives you reliable information to quickly optimize both warehouse storage space and vehicle loads.


Improve workflows - Automatic dimensioning eliminates human errors that can potentially lead to longer wait times and higher costs.


Gain a fast return on investment - AutoCube 8200 enables increased operational efficiencies at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions – an optimal value that allows for quick return on investment.


Ensure maximum uptime - By providing dimensioning as a service, we ensures that downtime is minimized, and your device is secure and operating at peak performance.


Gain critical business insights - AutoCube 8200 connected data and analytics deliver crucial insights into the state of your business, enabling you to make real-time adjustments to enhance operations.


InformationCount on PHI DATA® for the efficient integration of the AutoCube solution within your environment.

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