Automated delivery process with IDfresh

IDfresh Combines 3Way Match EDI, barcode scanning and SSCC labelling

With IDfresh PHI DATA® offers an appropriate hardware and software solution for managing your delivery cycle.

IDfresh starts from receiving the orders from your customers. From these orders you can then print pallet labels (GS1-128 labels), scan unique parcels or crates on these pallets (GRAI numbers) and send the collected information in a standard detailed electronic delivery note (DESADV). Finally, using the price information in the order you can automatically convert DESADV into an electronic invoice (INVOIC).

To handle the EDI messages IDfresh uses the Babelway platform, that supports all different types and subtypes of EDI messages.

IDfresh can work standalone, but can also be linked to your ERP or accounting system.

Optional RFID tag scanning
When a DESADV should also include crate information besides pallet information, the use of RFID tags is preferred for larger volumes. RFID scanning makes it possible to scan all of the crates on a pallet at a time by sending it through an RFID gate. In case of smaller volumes also a portable RFID reader is used.

  Advantages of IDfresh

  • No room for discussion. Orders or faxes cannot be lost.
  • Faster preparation and delivery with fewer mistakes.
  • Drastically reduced downtime.

Currently, IDfresh supports EDI messaging transfer with Delhaize, Delfood, Carrefour and Colruyt. PHI DATA® can of course also make the system compatible for other companies.

The solution is especially suitable for suppliers of larger food retailers (mussel trading, pasta, artisanal food products etc.).





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