Inbound - Outbound Management with RFID

With our Inbound - Outbound Management solution using RFID technology, you can read received or shipped assets unstaffed and without line of sight, in distribution as well as in production.

This will deliver automatic and fast readings without errors, that will provide an immediate insight in the supply chain.Dock doors

The Inbound - Outbound Management solution with RFID offers these advantages:

  • Less manual registrations of received and shipped assets and/or goods in distribution as well as in production, resulting in a gain of time
  • No more slow or wrong registrations
  • No more loss of RTIs that are not returned, so a higher efficiency
  • Clear view on which RTIs go to and return from which customers and are handled by which forklift or operator
  • The RFID solution can be easily integrated with your WMS or ERP system thanks to our in-house developed software

This solution also helps you with RTI (Returnable Transport Items) Management, since the RFID tags allow you to track the transport containers upon entry, shipping and handling.


Mazda Motor Logistics Europe     


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Mazda Motor Logistics Europe



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