IDdelivery® - Proof of Delivery

IDdelivery® is a delivery monitoring system of "identifiable" objects, such as packages or articles.

IDdelivery®, our proof of delivery (POD) application allows you to track the delivery of goods in real time. Each package, pallet or container has a barcode with a unique number that is linked to a delivery note. Every driver has a mobile device with built-in barcode scanner that is connected in real time with the central  database.

IDdelivery® makes it possible firstly when loading the truck to already check whether the correct packages are loaded. Delivery errors are indeed often due to incorrect loading: e.g. forgetting a package or taking a wrong package.

At the customer, each article is scanned. The receiver signs for receipt on the screen of the device or has his e-ID card read.

Extra deliveries /returns can be added during the day. After each delivery the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is recalculated for each following customer because the position is transmDeliveryitted every 5 minutes.

IDdelivery® then displays the list of all available addresses of the delivery round, and with the push of a button the driver can start navigation to this address.

At the customer, the delivery note and the individual package are scanned. Potential problems can be indicated even with accompanying photos, and a signature from the recipient is requested either by signing on the screen of the PDA or by reading his electronic identity card (eID). If there are problems with the delivery, they can be registered, even by using a photograph.

After delivery, the delivery data are immediately available for administrative handling or for customer service. There is no need to wait until the driver brings back the paperwork.

IDdelivery® not onlIDdelivery<sup>®</sup> is validated by Zebray avoids complaints and frustration for the customer, but it also increases the drivers’ efficiency. On top of that the real-time connection allows for faster invoicing.  









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