IDstock® - Optimised Stock Management

Save time, reduce errors, avoid stock ruptures


Stock management can be time-consuming when it requires manually checking the various movements.

The entry of inventory transactions is too laborious, but at the same time a cost monitoring by department is required. Also, the stock levels need to be known at any time, since for some articles it is essential to maintain a minimum stock level.

IDstock® is an inventory management solution for anyone who manages a stock with various and difficult to follow movements. Typical examples are parts for technicians, consumables for professional activities, such as safety equipment for specialized workers, etc.

Through the use of PDAs and barcodes or RFID tags for the identification of goods and locations, stock movements are registered very quickly and easily and with a minimum of administrative work. In addition, you can analyze the consumption per user or per department.

Your advantages:

  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Avoid stock ruptures
  • Prevent unnecessary orders


IDstock<sup>®</sup>   Stock management