Wireless Condition Monitoring

Prevent waste of temperature-sensitive products, save time and get clear statistics

Wireless Temperature Monitoring is the measuring, controlling and management of temperature in your refrigerators, freezers, warehouse, cold stores, during transportation etc. PHI DATA® offers the solution for Wireless Temperature Monitoring using Wi-Fi RFID technology and tags that gives you access to:

  • Automatic registration and control
  • Automatic warning when exceeding a threshold values
  • Various reports and statistics,
  • Increased safety & quality assurance through reliable data


  • The prevention of wasted temperature-sensitive products
  • Collecting measurements including reports and statistics without manual handling
  • Guaranteeing safety and quality assurance
  • Saving time and costs

Within the Condition monitoring range of applications, temperature is just one aspect that we can monitor. We can also help you keep track of CO2 and humidity levels in certain storage areas.


Calibration & certification

Increasingly, organisations are facing pain points during audits for receiving accreditation and they can't always present the necessary reports or certificates. Now, you can leave the execution of required tests and measurements, including the necessary certificates, up to PHI DATA®.

Thanks to our Calibration as a Service you no longer have to worry. PHI DATA® takes care of all aspects of the calibration, for which you pay a fixed price per tag and per year. The calibration of the tag is done by an accredited lab. 

For more details on Calibration as a Service click here