Better customer loyalty through self-shopping and personalized service

What if you had the tools to increase your customers' loyalty and make their shopping experience as agreeable as possible? And what if these tools could also lower your operational costs? Interesting, right?

We have the answer to this challenge: ShopEvolution!

The mobile devices with the latest technology are user-friendly. Self-shopping thus becomes easy! Moreover, ShopEvolution offers you the option to provide your customers with personalised information, e.g. real-time price adjustments, discounts, special offers, shopping lists etc.

The self-shopping solution makes shopping faster, which allows customers to save time. But you can also reduce their waiting time by having your employees scan the products in their cart (queue-busting). The customer then receioves a receipt with whch they can direclty pay a the (manned or unmanned) check-out register. You don't need to open an extra check-out and the customer doesn't have to take everything out of the cart and put it back in.

ALso take advantage of other functionalities such as pricing, stock management, inventory, replenishment, in-store picking and many more in order to increase efficiency.