PHI DATA® 's expertise lies not only in choosing and designing the right solution for your business processes, our years of experience also ensure that all components of the solution we deliver seamlessly integrate into your existing network environment. A solution consists of both software and hardware and it is important that the solution offered by us is perfectly suited to your business and an integral part of it.Custom development

In some cases we have an existing software package available, in other cases we will develop custom software,or we can use software from one of our Business Partners.

PHI DATA® IDsuite of software solutions

  • IDdelivery® - tracking of deliveries & Proof of Delivery
  • IDfield - web-based solution for backoffice and field staff
  • IDwms® - Warehouse Management system
  • IDstock® - stock management solution
  • IDvoice - for voice-enabled solutions
  • IDfresh - printing, scanning and EDI in one
  • IDasset® - asset tracking and inventory
  • IDhospitalsupply - management of logistic flows in hospitals
  • IDsecurescan - on-line control with regular scanners


Software by business partners

Below is an overview of the software packages from suppleirs that we implement for our customers' projects:

AeroScout MobileView - Software Platform for Unified Asset Visibility

Aginova - Monitoring software

Essensium - Location awareness and position tracking

Feel free to contact us for your specific questions.