AeroScout MobileView Software

The MobileView software offers a simple but powerful tool to track the location, status and condition of assets and people. The web-based application has a full range of options for visualisation, reporting, management and automatic alerting, and the possibility to provide context-aware data to a variety of third-party applications.

The MobileView software allows you to:

  • Collect and treat the location, status and condition of a tag's data.
  • Use a web browser for simple access.
  • Configure and send automatic alerts on the basis of context.
  • Run and export scheduled reports.
  • Manage resources, assets and zones.
  • MobileView also has an API (Application Program Interface) that allows you to import or export data from other systems.

MobileView uses Oracle or MS SQL databases to store and retrieve data.

The MobileView database runs on a dedicated server or servers, and with the standard Oracle and SQL database clustering tools redundancy and scalability can be obtained.












MobileView modules

Asset location

  • Single search button or search using several criteria via a browser.
  • View maps with assets, people in movement, historical tracks and tooltips with additional information (for example, status and alerts)
  • 3D representations of complete installations give a summary of assets and alert information on building and floor levels
  • Favourite searches can easily be configured for a quick operation

Event and Alert Manager

  • Trigger configurable event types - entrance / exit, shortage, absence, temperature, humidity, movement, battery level, and more
  • Wizard-based event creation tool does not require coding
  • External alerts through Web Services, e-mail, HTTP POST, JMS queue, and XML
  • Enterprise-grade Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology can process tens of thousands of events at the same time


The robust reporting possibilities are a key differentiator in the AeroScout solution. Many standard reports are available in the MobileView application, together with available templates that can be used to set up custom reports.Reports can be made on an ad-hoc basis, and in addition saved reports can be set up to run automatically following a preset schedule.

In addition, scheduled reports can be e-mailed automatically to the person responsible for these reports, and can be saved automatically to a network station, so that they can be found back easily for consultation.

All reports can be exported to PDF, and are available in CSV and HTML format for data manipulation for external applications. AeroScout is continuously expanding the standard reporting options with every new release.

Contact us for a list of standard reports available in MobileView.

Management tools

  • Simple setup of the assets, people and locations with added categorisation, icons, pictures and zone names.
  • Drawing tools and zone wizard for creating logical zones.
  • Authentication via LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Role-based access control model for access protection

Below is an overview of all components involved and their mutual collaboration from a technical point of view.

MobileView components