Automatic Print & Apply

Printing & automatic application of labels

Often, the automation of the production process for logistical labels is critical. Just printing isn’t enough, automatically applying labels on boxes and pallets saves time and money and reduces errors. 

Our printers and applicators ensure that labels are printed correctly and applied fully automatically - with or without contact - on the product, the packaging or the pallet. Without interfering with your logistical process, even in the most complex circumstances.


Below is a video with the CAB Hermes C for printing and automatically applying labels.

Other suppliers of applicators are a.o. Toshiba Tec (video) and Eticoncept (video).

This automatic print & apply solution can be seamlessly combined with a LabelEasy all-in-one formula: from the design of the technical set-up, the installation and operation, the maintenance, up to the software support and the complete integration, all this we offer as an all-in-one solution.

Choose LabelEasy for an OPEX formula that allows you a carefree management of your labelling without prior investment.


Print & Apply versions



A Print & Apply module to label the front, back or side.

These functionalities are standard in the labelling machine.

The machine is designed to apply labels of different sizes without major adjustments.




This module is meant to apply labels to a stationary or moving product which moves at a higher speed.

Choice of print resolution of 200 or 300 dpi and also available in 4 and 6 inch.



The Print & Apply module guarantees reliable, qualitative labeling of products on automated production lines.

The possibility to develop a custom-made device.





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