Published on:
21 oktober 2014

Technology: RFID
Solution: Real Time Location System (RTLS)

PHI DATA® and Essensium in partnership for the marketing of EPS, the high-accuracy RT

Wemmel - PHI DATA® nv and Essensium nv have teamed up in a formal partnership. The aim is that the specialist in automatic identification, data capture and location should implement high-accuracy EPS (Essensium Positioning System) in their RTLS solutions.

Essensium's EPS system allows locations to be identified where GPS and Wi-Fi systems give up: on the shop floor and on factory sites, under difficult conditions and when it has to happen quickly and accurately. The system can be used to determine the position in real time of machines, transport vehicles, goods or people with accuracy up to 50 cm, and with a long range.

"For many of our customers, these days it is no longer enough to know whether something or someone is available or present, but it is necessary to know at any time where exactly equipment or people are", says Guy Couder, General Manager at PHI DATA®. "It is not always as easy as it sounds, because often there are difficult conditions prevailing on the shop floor and on factory sites, which mean that standard Wi-Fi solutions or GPS are not up to the job. However, accurate and continuous location is necessary to run operations smoothly or to avoid errors and incidents, whether in manufacturing, logistics or other sectors".

The EPS system is based on patented, continuous distance measurement between the active mobile nodes, for objects or people, and various fixed nodes that are installed on the site. These distances are then combined by a location server to calculate the position. One of the advantages of the EPS system is that only a limited quantity of infrastructure is needed to be able to trace objects or people on a site. In practice, the system can show the movements pallets are making, as well as warning if, for example, two forklift trucks risk colliding, and indicate to within 50 cm where equipment and/or people are located.

A lot of preparation went into the partnership between PHI DATA® and Essensium. "We explored what was on the market, and were impressed by the Essensium system. Their technology complements our existing capabilities within the application field of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)", explains Guy Couder.

"We have already cooperated with PHI DATA® in the past, including on a project in the port of Antwerp and at Atlas Copco", adds Filip Buerms, CEO of Essessium. "So we are certain that their workforce has the knowledge and expertise to implement and support our solution". This partnership is also being consolidated by advanced training courses for the sales and technical teams and even closer cooperation.



PHI DATA® nv specialises in automatic identification, data capture and location. PHI DATA® nv provides consultancy, develops, supplies, implements and supports total solutions within the application areas of Field Force Automation, Work Floor Automation, Labelling, RTLS and Condition Monitoring. PHI DATA® also offers these total solutions complete with maintenance and financing. PHI DATA® nv has customers in industry (food and non-food), logistics, transport, distribution, retail, health care, the public sector, services and utilities.

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About Essensium nv

Essensium is a spin-off of Imec, specialising in RTLS solutions. The company started as a supplier of chips for portable wireless applications with extremely low battery consumption. That was combined with efficient open source software developments for creation of System-On-Chip platforms for OEMs and system customers. Essensium’s proprietary Real Time Location System (RTLS) platform EPS, which was patented due to its unique combination of high accuracy, long range and low power consumption grew out of this, and is mainly used in Smart Logistics. The applications in the logistics sector are mainly aimed at mapping out targeted logistics processes, monitoring and automating goods location, preventing collisions between forklift trucks, and tracking goods and people, both indoors and out. You can find more information about Essensium on

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