Published on:
15 januari 2015

Technology: RFID
Solution: Real Time Location System (RTLS)

PHI DATA® distributes Quuppa’s ‘Intelligent Locating Technology’

Real-time location system identifies location of fast-moving objects on the shop floor with high accuracy

Wemmel, January 15, 2015 – PHI DATA® and Quuppa have entered into an agreement under which the specialist in automatic identification, data capture and location will distribute Quuppa's innovative Intelligent Locating Technology. The agreement will enable PHI DATA® to offer its customers in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail more options in the quest for the optimal solution for their location needs.

PHI DATA® distributes and implements the entire Quuppa range, including hardware, software, tools and services. The innovative system is one of the most complete Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) on the market. The solution can measure in real time the location and movement of any object, accurate to within less than one meter. That also applies to fast-moving objects. The location system makes use of Bluetooth technology to do this. The system is extremely versatile, cost-effective, and proves its worth every day in various sectors and applications.

Antennae, tags and software are easily installed and integrated into the existing infrastructure and ICT backoffice, after which the solution is simple to configure and manage via a web-based dashboard. An infinite number of tags and Bluetooth devices can be connected to the solution. The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System monitors the exact location of the connected object in real time abd the information is processed in less than 100 ms.

“The possibilities that the Quuppa solution offers are enormous”, says Guy Couder, General Manager at PHI DATA®. "Besides the classic "Where is this or that right now?", our customers can use this solution for, among other things, analysing and optimising internal trajectories of persons and objects, and to prevent collisions in real time. Even in situations of reduced or poor visibility, and in emergency situations, it is possible to know to within less than one metre where people or safety equipment are located."

"We are really pleased to have PHI DATA® as a partner and distributor of our RTLS technology. Their staff have extensive experience in various sectors, and are really customer-centric in the way they work. Those are exactly the characteristics that are necessary to offer optimal solutions with our Intelligent Locating Technology", say says Kimmo Kalliola, Quuppa's CEO.



PHI DATA® nv specialises in automatic identification, data capture and location. PHI DATA® nv provides consultancy, develops, supplies, implements and supports total solutions within the application areas of Field Force Automation, Work Floor Automation, Labelling, RTLS and Condition Monitoring. PHI DATA® also offers these total solutions complete with maintenance and financing. PHI DATA® nv has customers in industry (food and non-food), logistics, transport, distribution, retail, health care, the public sector, services and utilities. You can find more information on


About Quuppa Oy

Quuppa is the inventor and provider of Intelligent Locating Technology. Quuppa provides advanced real-time locating systems (RTLS) with hardware, software, and services, for companies in various different industries including retail, healthcare, sports, transport, and manufacturing.
Quuppa is a privately owned independent company and holds its headquarters in Finland. For more information, please contact and visit our website