Published on:
26 februari 2016

PHI DATA® has reached its cruising speed - Three new recruits will support strategy

Wemmel, 26 February 2015 – PHI DATA®, which specialises in the field of solutions for automatic identification, data capture and location, has added three new members to its team. This will enable PHI DATA® to respond even more quickly to the various customer requirements in the specific applications fields where it offers integrated solutions.

"Business is going really well", says Guy Couder, General Manager at PHI DATA®. "We are seeing growing demand for projects that offer added value. To meet that demand, we were on the lookout for new people with the right background, who could be brought in quickly."

The new staff members are Martine Meganck, Jos Van Thillo and Thomas Van Cauter.Thomas Van Cauter, Martine Meganck, Jos Van Thillo

  • Martine Meganck (42) used to work PHI DATA® for ten years. Having spent time since at LOCUS WMS and the Generix Group Benelux, she has returned as part of the team responsible for Business Continuity in the operations of PHI DATA® customers.
  • Jos Van Thillo (54) also knows the ropes. His previous employers have included Intermec, Motorola Enterprise, UBIDATA, Datalogic and Freebility. At PHI DATA®, he will be working as Senior Account Manager in the team focusing on RFID, RTLS, Print & Apply and LabelEasy.
  • Thomas Van Cauter (22) studied ICT at the Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven in Ghent. His specialisation is mainly in the field of open source software.


“The new hires fit with the new strategy of 2014, which we are continuing to roll out", says Guy Couder. "We looked at how we could help our customers even better and more efficiently. That led us to tailor our sales structure to the specific applications fields where we offer integrated solutions, for example in field force and work floor automation, labelling, RTLS and condition monitoring and voice directed solutions. In addition, we are devoting our attention to the continuity of our solutions with the customer. We are responding even faster to the various requirements: expansion, upgrades, consumables, support, repair contracts, etc. Moreover, we are making many of our solutions available in a 'managed services' form. This guarantees customers the quality and continuity of the service via an all-in solution, and they don't have to contend with large or unexpected investments."

PHI DATA® in Wemmel currently employs 44 people.




PHI DATA® nv specialises in automatic identification, data capture and location. PHI DATA® nv provides consultancy, develops, supplies, implements and supports total solutions within the application areas of Field Force Automation, Work Floor Automation, Labelling, RTLS and Condition Monitoring. PHI DATA® also offers these total solutions complete with maintenance and financing. PHI DATA® nv has customers in industry (food and non-food), logistics, transport, distribution, retail, health care, the public sector, services and utilities.