Published on:
21 maart 2019

Account Manager Dirk Possemiers will approach the Retail & GABUS markets more actively

Wemmel, 20 March 2019 — PHI DATA, integrator of automatic identification and localisation solutions, has recently recruited Dirk Possemiers as an Account Manager. With Possemiers establishing himself as an integral part of the PHI DATA team, company will be able to present its digital transformation solutions to the retail and GABUS markets more actively.

‘GABUS stands for Government, Administration, Banking, Utilities and Services,’ explains Guy Couder, CEO of PHI DATA. ‘With the exception of the Retail sector, Dirk will be responsible for commercialising our solutions in the Public, Utilities and Services sectors. These companies, institutions and organisations are more frequently using “Track & Trace” for their user goods and their investment materials as exemplified by a number of completed projects. From public museums to the army, we are seeing innovative ideas and needs being transformed into concrete, profitable solutions.’

Bank insurers are more frequently choosing to digitise their logistic processes and asset management. ‘The follow-up and tracing of internal and external streams of money, securities, files and equipment need to take place quickly and accurately to create the necessary transparency,’ says Couder. ‘Services and utilities companies use our solutions for a range of applications. One example is the support of their external services. Installation and support technicians who are on the road or with clients can use their PDAs to enter or request information, on location, or to register goods they have received or supplied. Furthermore, the office sent them to specific sites or jobs in real time in the event of delays or urgent assignments.’

Over the past few decades, the Retail industry has taken steps in the direction of digitisation to optimise processes and improve customer satisfaction. In this sector, new challenges based around the omnichannel strategy and customer experience are constantly appearing.

It would be fair to say Possemiers has his work cut out for him. ‘Dirk has broad commercial experience and a large business network. Plus, through his previous employment, he has amassed extensive knowledge of the sectors that he will be working with here,’ says Couder. ‘He has all the skills and abilities needed to help them achieve their goals and better meet the needs of their clients or citizens.’