Published on:
08 mei 2019

PHI DATA appoints Dave Engel as Business Development Manager RFID, RTLS & IIOT Solutions

Integrated Solutions becomes a spearhead for PHI DATA

Wemmel, 8 May 2019 — PHI DATA, integrator of automatic identification and localisation solutions, has appointed Dave Engel as Business Development Manager in its Integrated Solutions business unit, heading RFID, RTLS & IIOT solutions. In the near future, the company will focus strongly on bringing integrated and innovative solutions to the market. PHI DATA has built up significant knowledge and expertise in these areas. The Auto-ID specialist foresees the business unit, established in 2018, growing strongly in the coming years.

‘For the next few years, PHI DATA wants to aim more at the sale and delivery of integrated and innovative solutions,’ explains Guy Couder, CEO of PHI DATA. ‘In recent times, we have built up plenty of expertise in this area and developed diverse software modules. With our Integrated Solutions department, we will also bring our most important solutions in relation to Auto-ID (based on technologies such as RFID, RTLS and IoT) to market in a targeted and professional manner.’

Double-digit growth

Dave Engel was recruited for these reasons. ‘Dave will give the Integrated Solutions department a hefty boost. The people who work in the department as business developers first need to have extensive knowledge in relation to RFID, RTLS and IoT solutions, but they also need to be familiar with the business processes for each sector,’ explains Guy Couder. ‘Dave has more than 15 years of experience in the Tracking & Tracing sector and will aim squarely at the market for integrated and innovative solutions for the digital transformation of logistic activities. PHI DATA predicts that the Integrated Solutions department will experience very strong growth that will reach far into the double-digit range.’

Technology + expertise = innovative solutions

‘PHI DATA has built up more than 35 years of experience and expertise in Auto-ID. With all the know-how we have in-house, we want to help companies to take transparent and determined steps into Industry 4.0,’ explains Dave Engel. ‘For us, Business Development is not just the sale of technology, such as RTLS (Real Time Location Services). With the Integrated Solutions department, PHI DATA wants to effectively bring innovative solutions to companies. The needs in the market are continuously developing. It is our task to detect what is at play in the various sectors and what questions the clients have. We are going to identify and analyse the various problematics encountered by clients, and then propose the right technology. Actually, technology itself is not the solution. It’s only when you combine this technology with knowledge, know-how and expertise that you come to a solution for the client. For me, business development also means that on the basis of a correct analysis, you deliver a correct solution that you then further develop in the market.’

The Integrated Solutions department is becoming increasingly important for PHI DATA. The company wants to further expand and is continuously on the lookout for new colleagues to strengthen the team.