Dirk Reubens & André Van der Auwera


Founded by Dirk Reubens and André Van der Auwera in 1981, PHI DATA® focused mainly on the market of specialised peripherals in the early years. From 1988 to 1995 it not only opted for a new infrastructure but also clearly profiled itself in the market. 

From 1996, in response to the rapidly changing market, the emphasis was on project sales rather than product sales.

This evolution has continued. Today, PHI DATA® offers its expertise as solution integrator for Auto-ID solutions, which allows customers to rely on PHI DATA®'s Creativity, Competence and Continuity to optimize their business processes.


In the year 2018, PHI DATA® will focus on strong organic growth and targeted acquisitions led by CEO Guy Couder. For organic growth he mainly counts on application software and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With this, PHI DATA® builds on its rich experience in connectivity and data capture.Guy COuder, CEO PHI DATA<sup>®</sup>

In addition, Guy Couder is looking in a second phase for targeted acquisitions of smaller players or start-ups in in countries bordering Belgium to serve a broader market.

PHI DATA® continues to invest in the latest technologies: “Today, there is no doubt that that means the Industrial Internet of Things and its application in industrial environments. But tomorrow, blockchain and artificial intelligence are really going to ramp up the pace in the production and supply chains.”