As trusted partner and leading provider of Auto-ID solutions, we help customers in their digital transformation to increase productivity in their business operations and gain asset visibility. Our solutions,  intended for the supply chain, work floor and field operations, consist of SaaS-based application software, using automatic identification and data capture, mobile computing, label printing, real-time locating and condition monitoring technologies. We also offer a full line of services from consulting, design, multi-brand system integration, custom software development, implementation, reporting, to support and maintenance services.

Our portfolio of Auto-ID solutions is vast, from warehouse management, parcel delivery automation and real-time stock control, asset and RTI/ITI management, to patient locating and staff safety, retail self-scanning, voice picking and more.                                                                                

These solutions deliver accurate and real-time information for business transactions and alerts, as well as big data for BI reporting. All for improved productivity, enhanced quality or sector compliance and asset visibility, generating a high ROI.


To be an outstanding company and main player in this specialized area of the ICT by organizing ourselves for maximum productivity, professionalism and quality, obtaining long-term customer satisfaction.

To get recognition as a trusted partner and leading Auto-ID player by delivering: quality Auto-ID solutions based on proven platforms and Innovative Auto-ID solutions based on emerging technologies.                                                                

To focus mainly on our key solutions (i.e. repeatable business) and business continuity (i.e. recurring business of products, supplies and professional services).                                                             

To be financially sound, have a good corporate governance and be growth-oriented.          



The cornerstone of our organisation, translated into 3 C’s

Every organisation is unique, and has a set of values it seeks to promote. At PHI DATA®, we have consciously and resolutely adopted 3 core values. And whether it's just a coincidence or not, they all begin with a C: creativity, competence and continuity. But what exactly do these values stand for? And how are they translated into practice? Find out here.