Mobile devices

For optimal data collection, it is important that your employees can count on the appropriate mobile terminals. PHI DATA® offers a range of high quality and reliable terminals that allow you to collect, process and exchange data with your underlying business systems for real-time information.


|| Hand-held mobile computers

Rugged field computers offer versatility and ergonomics so they increase the productivity of mobile workers. They are smaller than laptop computers but sturdier than tablets and offer protection against dust and rain.


|| Healthcare mobile computers

Mobile computers for healthcare with a housing that can be disinfected are the perfect solution for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Healthcare professionals can use the mobile computers for efficient mobile scanning of patient wristbands, to identify and to keep  track of specimen, to administer to each patient the correct amount of medication and to manage the distribution of medical supplies.


|| Industrial cold storage mobile computerCold store


Industrial mobile computers for use in extremely cold environments are equipped with internal heaters and screen defrosting but also with special batteries for low temperatures. They adapt quickly to changes in temperature when users move from one room to another.



|| Wearable computers

An ergonomic wearable terminal is perfect for hands-free picking in warehouses and for moving small packages when they are worn on the wrist or the hip e.g. in combination with a ring scanner, and/or headset. It provides the user flexibility with increased efficiency and less fatigue.


|| Vehicle-mount terminalsVehicle-mount

Vehicle-mount terminals, such as those for trucks and forklifts offer a robustness that is suitable for use in the toughest conditions. The communication options are sufficiently large so that they can be deployed effortlessly in various networks.



|| Hazardous environment terminals

In hazardous environments, safety is crucial. However, finding devices that can get the job done both safely and efficiently can seem complex.


Rely on PHI DATA® to help you choose from a complete range of integrated devices for both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. These non-incendive and intrinsically safe mobile terminals offer seamless integration with your operations and other systems, while reducing your training and support costs.


Contact PHI DATA® for advice on the right terminals for your environment.