The right combination

A perfect print on your labels or documents requires the right combination of print technology, software and consumables. The printer range that PHI DATA® offers is comprehensive and reflects the different needs and applications: direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, matrix printers (serial and line), laser (monochrome and colour) and multifunctional document printers. Upon request PHI DATA® also installs design and print software for labels on your system which will enable you to intergrate your data. We also offer all consumables from our suppliers (ribbons, toners and developers) and we can deliver the majority quickly.

PHI DATA® has a wide experience with direct thermal and thermal transfer labels on paper, cardboard, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester etc. This also applies to the different types of glue layers such as removable, permanent, extra-permanent, heat- or cold-resistant etc. and thermal transfer ribbons from standard to smear proof or colour versions. On top of that, PHI DATA® also offers ready-to-use labels that are preprinted with your information and that are compatible with your application.


Quality, continuity and technology

In order to guarantee quality, and after an in-depth analysis, PHI DATA® will determine the right combination of printer, label/document, ribbons etc. Our years of experience in how the different elements of a print solution work together ensure the continuity of your processes. Apart from that, our knowledge of print technologies is so wide that we can advise you according to your requirements: readability, colour or momochrome, application in office environment or production etc.


Printer overview

Below is an overview of the main printers we offer. PHI DATA® is happy to advise you  on the choice of printer for your application. Contact us today with your questions.


|| Label printers

Whether we're talking about barcode labels or integrated RFID tags, the quality of the printing material is essential for a successful solution. The correct choice of the type of printer, consumables and services is therefore of the utmost importance. A good print of a barcode or a correctly programmed RFID tag ensure fast scanning and fewer data errors and therefore contribute to an efficient solution.

Label printers print on self-adhesive materials or tags. They differ from standard printers because they need a feeding mechanism to handle rolls of labels or tear sheets (fanfold). They usually have a serial, USB, parallel or wireless connection to a network.

Label printers have a wide variety of applications, including supply chain management, retail price labels, packaging labels, blood and laboratory sample identification and asset management.

   Desktop label printers: for environments with limited space but that require a reliable and high-quality print solution, PHI DATA® offers several low noise desktop printers that are ideal for printing low to medium volumes of labels. 
  Industrial label printers: for use in the most demanding environments PHI DATA® offers you a choice of a number of industrial printers that are reliable and robust and will print your labels with barcodes, text or graphical information. You can rely on high speed and large volumes in an industrial environment.
  RFID printers: opt for efficient identification, tracking and tracing of your assets and supplies with RFID tags printed on the right printer for your application. From small, mobile RFID printers to those for large volumes, PHI DATA® has the right solution for printing your RFID tags.
  Mobile label printers: increase productivity and efficiency of your staff by providing them with wireless mobile printers for use in any location and under any circumstances. For printing barcode labels, tickets or receipts, PHI DATA® has the right mobile printer solution for you.
  Applicators: designed to automate the labelling process, applicators ensure that labels are Applicatorprinted and applied automatically - with or without contact - on the product, the packaging or the pallet and all this completely integrated into your logistical process.


|| Card printers



Card printers are used worldwide for printing secure identification cards, payment cards, authorisation cards and visitor passes for business, educational en other uses. The most common card dimensions are 85,60 x 53,98 mm, but most printers can process multiple sizes.




|| Matrix printers

Matrix printersLine matrix printers are used for high-speed print applications in industry, banking, supply chain and back office environments to print invoices, bank statements, shipping documents and compliance labels. In terms of energy savings, cost per page, reliability in industrial environments and flexibility in consumables, line matrix printers have important advantages. Line matrix printers are designed for high reliability, fast throughput and a higher resistance to harsh circumstances. They can print text, barcodes and graphical elements.


  • printing on fanfold paper
  • different paper types, up to A3 width
  • carbon copy option
  • graphical capabilities
  • speed up to 2000 lpm (lines per minute)
  • legal documents with mandatory carbon copy


Obviously, we also offer the full range of labels and supplies to enable you to print in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


Installation, maintenance and repair

PHI DATA® offers services such as consultancy, analysis, site surveys and pilot installations. We take care of the entire installation and integration. Apart form that, we also propose a number of maintenance and repair contracts. 

High-quality products deserve a high-quality service by professionally trained and certified engineers. Even a simple service such as a printer installation 'ready for use' can be carried out and will ensure you have an optimal print quality.

As soon as your AIDC, mobile and print solution is operational, it is important to keep it that way! That is why PHI DATA® can offer maintenance and repair contracts with different service levels, e.g. carry-in and/or on-site options. For less critical activities we will perform the standard. Repair interventions can also be done on demand. We also propose software support contracts for end-users and partners.


If you really want to print without worries, then you should opt for LabelEasy, an all-in-one solution where you pay a fixed price per label, including a planned delivery and maintenance plan.