Industry-leading barcode scanning solutions for every barcode scanning challenge

Barcode technology today is so flexible that it can be used for tasks such as tracking stock movement, tracing from raw material to finished product, or as a way to improve productivity by reducing the risk of errors and thus saving time.

The design, printing and application of barcodes via label printers and applicators is now easier than ever, so companies that use this technology have a head start on those who still hesitate to take the plunge.

When designing a complete barcode scanning solution for your needs, our experts offer high-quality scanners from well-known brands such as Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic. These barcode scanners are ideal for use in environments such as warehousing, industry, retail and healthcare.



An overview:


General purpose barcode scanners

For every industry, from logistics and production and public services to healthcare, we can offer you the right scanner, including handheld or hands-free laser scanners and digital imagers.


Rugged scanners

With durable covers, robust scanners are ideal for applications in demanding environments. No matter how intense the working environment, you can expect the same reliability and functionality with the resilience to function in harsh conditions.

Mounted scanners

Rely on mounted scanners for hands-free, fast data capture. They provide extra mobility and are ideal for retail, supply chain, diagnostics and many other applications.

Scanners for Health & Care

Every department in a hospital or healthcare institution has specific needs when it comes to barcodes. We can offer you the suitable scanner for every application.

Scanners for auto dimensioning

Ideal for logistics companies: a scanner that registers not the barcode but the dimensions of an object directly and automatically. No more need to manually measure a package or box. Now correct information is available quickly for every company that needs to measure packages and objects to optimize space.



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