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Atlas Copco optimizes order picking with voice solution

Atlas Copco sells, repairs and rents gas compressors, power generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems. Until recently, all related orders were processed at the Hoeselt site through paper-based order picking. This meant that pickers moved from location to location with paper lists and sorted their orders and order forms manually. This generated a high error rate and a lack of overview. PHI DATA proposed the solution with Voice Picking.

Market: Logistics, transport, distribution
Technology: Voice
Solution: Work Floor Automation (WFA), Voice-enabled solutions, Voice Picking

Volvo Cars - PHI DATA implements Pick-to-Voice at Volvo Cars Ghent

The biggest advantage of Pick-to-Voice is that the margin of error is even smaller than for Pick-to-Light because various controls are built in. In addition, it is also a very flexible system: adjustments can be done from a desk, and there is lots of room for new functionality.

Market: Industry
Technology: Voice
Solution: Voice-enabled solutions, Voice Picking