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Wink - Custom picking solution for drive-in supermarket Wink


Unique concept requires a unique solution

When the first collection point of Wink opened in Zaventem at the end of November 2013, that was unique for Belgium. Wink’s customers can order their groceries online ( and have a wide range of thousands of products to choose from. Wink employees prepare the order, after which the customer can pick up his order at the drive-in.

Since it is a unique concept, Wink had to find a unique solution for the stock management, the picking, the checking and the localisation of all products in the warehouse. PHI DATA proposed a custom Warehouse Management System (WMS).

When Wink customers place their groceries order via the website,  the employees have to prepare all products by the desired pick-up time, at the earliest within 2 hours. While loading the order into the customer’s car trunk, the order is checked again. Obviously, it is crucial that the picking runs smoothly and without errors.


PHI DATA supplied and implemented MC3190 scanners from Motorola and wrote the WMS software for the terminals. This is thereby compatible with the software on the fixed computers in the warehouse. When employees scan a barcode, they immediately see which product is located where and how many items are still in stock. Both while preparing the groceries order as well as during loading them into the customer’s car, all products are scanned so that no wrong orders are delivered. PHI DATA also supplied the printing solution for the barcodes.

Fast and flexible

“We were looking for a partner who would be operational quickly and worked in a flexible way. We have found that partner in PHI DATA”, says Isabel Donvil, Marketing Manager at Wink. “The cooperation ran smoothly and PHI DATA was always available when we needed them. The final details still have to be handled, but also this follow-up is going well. Within an extremely short timespan, PHI DATA has developed a custom solution for us. This solution is crucial for our smooth operation, because manual processes don’t offer enough checks and leaves too much room for errors. Thanks to PHI DATA’s solution we can now offer our customers the quality they are entitled to.”


Watch the Kanaal Z video of 26 November 2013 (Dutch only):


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