Fast, flexible

An efficient labelling system is unmissable for tracking and tracing goods in your chain. As you want to focus on your core tasks, we have made the labelling process as simple as possible for you.

Our managed labelling solution offers you an incredibly user-friendly all-in-one labelling solution—all you need to do is put the roll of blank labels in the printer. You benefit from a fixed supply plan for all your labels and accessories, including an all-in maintenance plan. There’s not even any need to make advance investments. You can also combine this service with applicators that will automatically apply labels to products.

Talk to an expert

Rudi Lambrechts, Senior Account Manager Printing and Labelling Solutions

“Everything starts with a label”, we often say. But the combination with the right printer and a system to apply the labels automatically can save you a lot of time and money. With years of experience in these – often very complex – applications, Rudi is the right partner for you. Contact him at for advice on Print & Apply.