The benefits of
optimised stock management

Is your company struggling with stock that is difficult to follow up? Perhaps spare parts for technicians, important consumables or various stock for different projects are causing problems? Our targeted solution for stock management is a must-have. It uses barcodes and/or RFID tags to identify goods and their locations. Handheld terminals register every stock movement in real time. This allows your staff members to work more efficiently while avoiding stock shortages and unnecessary orders.

As every action and movement is visible in the history, this solution is perfect for analysing the use of stock per project, per department or per client.

Talk to an expert

Kurt Nauwelaerts, Business Development Manager

Kurt specialises in solutions for the registration and inventory of assets and – specifically for your warehouse – in WMS and stock management solutions. As soon as the goods leave your organisation, he uses the proof of delivery/proof of collect solution to ensure traceability to the end customer. Kurt knows your challenges thanks to his many years of experience in the industry and logistics sector. He is happy to discuss them with you and then give you appropriate advice. Contact Kurt via