Smart Edge solutions for your supply chain

Introducing PHI DATA’s Smart Edge software solutions

The working environment where production, handling and/or logistics take place is the beating heart of your company or organisation. It is where your physical chain comes into contact with your ICT. This is where we create the Smart Edge. To make your various business processes smart and fast, PHI DATA Smart Edge offers mobile software solutions that respond to the needs of different sectors. Our software suite makes extensive use of innovative auto-ID and localisation technologies. In addition, the solutions process the data immediately in the workplace and ensure fast and flawless transactions, create instant alerts in the event of anomalies and deliver relevant data for reporting or business intelligence purposes. All these Smart Edge solutions can of course be easily integrated with your back-end systems. The most important solutions within this suite are: IDasset®, IDstock®, IDdelivery® and IDwms®.

Wondering how PHI DATA can help you optimise your business processes thanks to our Smart Edge solutions? Please contact our specialists.