IDasset®: Smarter inventory of your assets

A clear view of all your assets in no time? This is possible with IDasset. This Smart Edge solution from PHI DATA easily registers and manages the many assets you have in use. From rolling stock, equipment and tools to furniture and IT equipment: with IDasset you always have a clear view of your assets. This way you avoid unnecessary loss of time or costly interruptions.

A Smart Edge solution from PHI DATA 

With this Smart Edge solution we connect your physical equipment to its “digital twin” on your computer.
Inventorying becomes child’s play when you use IDasset in combination with RFID tags and barcode labels. You save a lot of time and the chance of errors is minimal if the assets are inventoried via scanning.

Mobile and compatible with your ERP 

The mobile scanner and IDasset connect seamlessly to your ERP system. This is how you enter data directly. No more manual input, no longer importing Excel lists. From now on you always have accurate information and you know how to locate all assets precisely.

IDasset 2022

Want to know how IDasset works?

The below video explains the smarter inventory of assets for you!

IDasset: smarter asset inventory

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  • Accurately register and inventory assets
  • Manage assets easily and automatically
  • Always the correct data ready for a smooth audit
  • Proactively schedule maintenance and manage repairs
  • Quickly locate and accurately locate assets
  • Report defects and deviations quickly
  • Reporting on the status and location of your assets
  • Integrate everything seamlessly with your ERP system

IDasset: smarter asset inventory


We carry out inventory twice as often as we used to, yet it takes a quarter of the time. Thanks to PHI DATA, we’re able to respond much faster to a situation. – Ludovic Six, Unilin

The entire asset management process is much more efficient and accurate thanks to the use of RFID. Scanning is done automatically, while previously it had to be done manually. Our invoicing process is also much more streamlined now. The implementation went very smoothly too. – Johan Cardon, Euro Tap Rent

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