IDasset®: Smart inventory of your assets

This inventory solution first records all your assets  to follow them up quickly and correctly at a later stage. These can be very diverse goods, such as your RTIs, rolling stock, tools, furniture or IT equipment.  IDasset can also be used to make on-site corrections to any inventory or location differences, but also to indicate when defects or other anomalies are detected. Notifications are given for assets that are subject to periodic inspections, so that they can be inspected or set aside in good time. This solution improves visibility and optimises the management of your assets. This allows optimal use of all assets. In addition, you will always have the correct data at hand during audits or checks and you will avoid downtime as more efficient maintenance becomes possible. Especially by using RFID tags, labels and the right RFID readers in combination with the IDasset Smart Edge solution, an inventory can be carried out many times faster.


  • Better insight into the location and status of your assets
  • Better management and proactive actions such as maintenance and inspection
  • Correct data available during audits or checks
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings

This is what our customers say

“For me, the most important thing is that the system works properly, and that is exactly what PHI DATA does. We sat down together and looked at what we needed here and the best way to handle it. The automation could be done quite simply and resulted in many advantages. The process is far more efficient and accurate thanks to the use of RFID.”

Johan Cardon, EuroTapRent.

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