IDstock®: Fast and efficient stock management

IDstock, our Smart Edge solution for efficient stock management is ideal for people who work with very diverse and rapidly rotating stocks. Think of project stocks, spare parts for technicians or consumables. For such goods, entering stock transactions is often too time-consuming for employees.

IDstock by PHI DATA makes consumables management simpler and more efficient. This way you always have a clear view of what is located where in your warehouse and human intervention is reduced to a minimum.

IDstock combines the user-friendly software from PHI DATA with the right hardware. With the help of barcode or RFID labels and mobile devices (such as handhelds with integrated barcode reader), managing, receiving and transferring stocks is a lot smoother. The solution also makes the location management of consumables more efficient, requiring less storage space. In addition, it reduces administrative work, which saves you time and reduces errors. Our IDstock web add-on enables you to get pick orders to the warehouse operator remotely.

IDstock is a total solution that can be adapted to specific needs: from importing receipts and storage, to picking and transfer between different stock locations. Simple inventory records and stock corrections with a real-time overview of current stocks are also perfectly possible. PHI DATA’s Smart Edge solution helps you save time, reduce errors and avoid stock shortages or redundant orders.


  • Time saving
  • Lower error margin
  • Avoids stock breaks and unnecessary orders
  • Easily manage consumables
  • Smoothly handle returns and restocking
  • Supports both barcode and RFID technology
  • Reduce administrative work to a minimum
  • Analyse consumption per user, project, department or customer
  • Integrate seamlessly with your ERP system


This is what our customers say

“More than saving, our goal was to gain control over our central warehouse and stock. This was lacking before. Indirectly, we notice this saves time and money. As far as we are concerned, this was certainly a positive trajectory that we would like to expand even further in the long term in cooperation with PHI DATA.”

Jan Pieters, Woonhaven Antwerp

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