IDwms®: Optimise your available storage capacity with our warehouse management solution

Well-organised stock and efficient location management are “key” in the management of a warehouse. So is a real-time view of the entire stock. Manually managing everything leads to errors and is not efficient. And the administration involved in receiving, putting away and picking goods takes a lot of time. Each warehouse therefore benefits from a solution that provides full traceability and higher productivity, such as IDwms.

Our Smart Edge solution IDwms synchronizes the entire information flow in the warehouse with the movements of the goods on the shop floor. The basic principle of IDwms is that each “carrier” – usually a pallet – in the warehouse is assigned a unique number via an identification label. We use that number to get started with every movement of goods. By scanning the label using an industrial handheld computer, you are in real-time connection with the warehouse database.

The big advantage of IDwms is that the stock is always up-to-date. In addition, the number of errors and administrative work during receipt, putting away, picking and shipping decreases. Users of the system also note higher productivity and better real-time visibility. IDwms also allows to manage the stock of different owners in a single warehouse.


  • Manage the intake, storage and ordering of goods
  • Organise stocks properly
  • Optimise storage capacity
  • Save time and make fewer mistakes
  • Reduce administrative work to a minimum
  • Increase productivity
  • Real-time stock view
  • Integrate seamlessly with your ERP system


This is what our customers say

“The customer can log in to our WMS system to track his stock in real time. Our WMS system can even be linked to their accounting system. In addition, the risk of import errors has drastically reduced. This PHI DATA solution is a huge step towards the professionalisation of our warehouse”

Dieter Dehertogh, Transport Dehertogh

De Leeneer

“Warehouse workers and customers can now access stock data in real time and manage the intake, storage and orders of goods smoothly. Thanks to this system, all goods are perfectly traceable at all times.”
Kris De Leeneer, Transport De Leeneer

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