The digital solution for safety distancing in the workplace

In quite a few professional environments like factories, production facilities, warehouses, large construction sites and labs, it is very well possible to maintain safety distancing. It is especially important to actively help people follow the safety measures. That is why PHI DATA developed SmartProximity, a new Smart Edge solution that makes it easier for colleagues to maintain the necessary distance and return to work safely and comfortably.

Plug & play do-it-yourself kit

The solution consists of wearables (like a badge or watch) that receive and send signals mutually using UWB (Ultra Wide Band) for accuracy up to a few centimetres or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for accuracy up to ca. one meter and a plug-and-play gateway. When individuals are at risk of getting too close to one another, this is detected and the wearer is alerted by an audible alarm. When the alarm sounds, the wearable sends a notification over the local LoRaWan network to the gateway, which in turns forwards the message to the cloud over 4G.

Detailed insights

All events are reported in the cloud. This makes it possible to make any necessary changes or take action if new infections appear, as the report makes it easy to trace where an alarm is raised and the wearer, as well as all those who have been contact with this person. This in turn makes it easy to identify who should be tested and if any operating procedures should be adapted.

The solution is supplied ready to use, including the tags for the wearables. All that needs to be done is to plug the gateway into a socket.

5 advantages of the SmartProximity solution for safety distancing:

  • Fast and easy to implement: Plug & play in a do-it-yourself kit
  • Easy and comfortable to use, fitted with built-in buzzer
  • Stand-alone application: no integration with your IT network required
  • Various types of wearables available, depending on needs
  • Suitable for various working environments, both indoor and outdoor

PHI DATA offers a choice of two packages

Basic package

A Basic package: includes a do-it-yourself starter kit with 1 SmartSense gateway, 50 tags for 50 persons and an annual license for 50 persons.

Enterprise package

An Enterprise package : includes the Enterprise Kit (3 SmartSense gateways, 200 tags for 200 persons, an annual license for 3 gateways and 200 persons, including 1 day of on-site training in your workplace).

Both packages can be expanded with an Expansion Kit (a package of 50/100 tags and annual licence for 50/100 persons).

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