Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

RTLS is a positioning and identification technology that has a proven track record in various markets. It is used to automatically identify and follow people or objects in real time, usually within a building or limited area. Wireless RFID tags are attached to objects or worn by people and in most RTLS applications fixed reference points receive wireless signals from active or passive RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification) to determine their location.RTLS

There are many RTLS applications such as:
  • access control
  • tracking and tracing of containers
  • identification of persons and animals
  • file management
  • baggage sorting
  • wander prevention in healthcare
  • collision prevention with forklifts and operator
  • workflow optimization
  • cross-docking
  • asset management

RFID can help the user with applications where barcodes are not suited.

The choice of the type of RFID tag is dependent on the application. An active RFID tag has a battery that supplies extra energy and that can bridge large distances. Active tags are therefore often used as beacons in RTLS solutions. Passive RFID tags have no battery and get their energy from the reader when the tag is in its radio frequency field. In a passive tag, the distance by which the reader and the tag can communicate is limited. Semi-Passive RFID tags have a battery that is only used when the tag comes close to an RFID reader. These tags are mainly used for tracking of goods with a relatively high value.

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